New Moon Mama Circle

No more burn out. Real self-care. Genuine connection to yourself, and each other.


The New Moon Mama Circle is an online AND in-person membership ‘circle’ for mamas ready to connect with their inner wisdom and the cycles of the moon.

Using the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness, this membership will allow you to gently and easily begin to connect to a new flow in life, clear old patterns of thinking, and heal your nervous system.

Plus it will connect you with your fellow soul mamas: women who are ready to explore and embrace the same things as you.

Meet them in person. Or if you can’t this month, be a part of the ritual at home, knowing that you are a part of a tribe of women doing exactly the same thing, at exactly the same time.


And it’s time you felt a part of that too. 



A brand new meditation recording to use at the start of each month to set your intentions for the coming cycle


A PDF printable workbook to help set intentions for the month (new moon), and work with the focus and meditation


A new podcast interview each month on how we as women and mamas can start to honour a new pace of life and a new way of being


A private Facebook group for mamas to share their intentions, support each other, and come together in circle


A full moon FB Live discussion and circle with Amy each month (which will be available to watch later if needed)


A full moon meditation and printable worksheet to release old patterns and negative self-talk


A chance to join a live in-person workshop with like-minded women every month

The New Moon Mama Circle is currently closed.

Doors will open again in August, 2017.

With a 4 month old, I can’t really commit to too much at the moment, but with this program, I felt like it kept me connected to my spiritual journey, instead of feeling like I’m missing out all the time with newborn FOMO!


Absolutely loved the meditation Amy – so powerful and incredibly magical. It was an amazing opportunity to create a space to take stock and notice what I needed… and burning my full moon release sheet is so therapeutic in itself! So much support has come in since the new moon, it’s incredible what happens when you put it out there!


Want to connect with women beyond social media?

By joining the New Moon Mama Circle, you will have access to a growing number of women’s circles around Australia, and the world. Once a month, using the resources of this program, you can get away from the online world and sit with other mamas who are on the same journey in your local area.

Why the moon?

This isn’t some ‘woo woo’ hippy idea.

It’s a simple, natural and beautiful way to slow down, stop being ruled by your to-do list, and prioritise yourself.

By following the moon, we are guaranteed an opportunity to stop and ask ourselves twice a month – what life am I creating right now? For myself, and my family? Am I being the women, partner and wife I want to be?

I’ve spent the past nine years of mamahood trying to find a way to stop burning myself out. Juggling two children, a full-time role producing the leading breakfast radio program (and a 3.30am wake up call) while starting a blog about my own journey of mamahood, my attempts at ‘having it all’ came crumbling down when, at 28 weeks pregnant with our ‘surprise’ third child, I found myself in early labour and at risk of bringing a very small and premature baby into this world.

My addiction to busy-ness had finally caught up with me. And I knew something had to change.

Since then, I have been fully committed to finding a better way, and a new definition of fulfilment and success.

I believe I have found it. And it’s all centred around the moon.

5% of subscriptions donated to PANDA

The New Moon Mama Circle is currently closed.

Doors will open again in August, 2017.