Reconnect Program

Explore how to embrace self-care and kindness as a new Mama

“Your three-minute meditation has saved my life.

Knowing I could do it at any time, multiple times a day, has saved me in the last six years.

I’ve done that three-minute meditation in every room in the house, even in the toilet when I’ve had to get away from the kids.

I’ve been crying in the car and then suddenly remembered it, and pulled it back out to listen.

I don’t know how you were able to get so much into those three minutes, but you finish it feeling like a different person.” – Mama of three Kate 


Buddhism for mothers

Let’s get real here, mama… the world expects a lot from us.

We are the generation of women who are meant to be smashing through the glass ceilings whilst juggling our babies on our hips and sipping our green chia cacao smoothies.

The expectations are high.

But the reality is not.

We get to the end of the day, exhausted and aching. We turn to our phones to numb ourselves from the noise in our head. We know we need sleep – it’s what we ache for all day – but if we don’t use those precious night time hours to do ‘something’ for ourselves, we’ll go mad.


It wasn’t meant to be like this.


What if there was a way to change all of this in just three minutes a day?

Well, there is mama. 


Three minutes a day, three times a day.  Less than ten minutes a day. That’s all it takes to start to reconnect with yourself.

And from there…

Your whole world will transform

This program is for every mama, no matter where you are in your journey, who is ready – FINALLY ready – to start feeling blessed instead of rushed.



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Through the Reconnect Program, in just 3 minutes a day you can:

Find a place of calm that is unshakeable even in the middle of toddler tantrums and 5 o’clock chaos

Discover who you are now you’re a Mama

Find a way to incorporate meditation and self-care into your daily life, without feeling guilty

Learn to pause through the day to connect with what’s important

Stop being so hard on yourself and feel great about who you are

Stop putting yourself on hold

And start to glow from within, with more vitality, confidence and self worth.

Before this program, I was going way too fast, feeling overwhelmed and a bit out of control! But since then, I have slowed down dramatically. I am more engaged with my children. There’s less chatter in my head. My energy has shifted. I am just so much more present.

Sarah Quinney // THE RAW FOOD MUM

Saying that Amy is amazing isn’t a word that even touches the surface. She is the ‘THE MAMA WHISPERER’! Her voice is so calming, reassuring, peaceful, but at the same time powerful with her messages and honesty. When I started the Reconnect Program, I was feeling severely sleep deprived due to breastfeeding a baby over night and kids waking at separate times- living off 3-ish hours of sleep a night whilst also trying to start my own business! I felt like I was always putting everyone else first and feeling guilty when I did anything slightly for me.

Since the program I am calmer, happier, and I see myself getting worked up before I explode, therefore I can fix it. My kids are listening better because I yell and nag less. I am nicer to my husband and worry less about things that drove me to insanity before.


The six focuses of Reconnecting

So how does 40 days change your world?

Nearly four years ago, I found myself at 28 weeks pregnant, and about to give birth to my third child. He was tiny, and it was not looking good. And the doctors were very clear:

my lifestyle had brought this labour on.

Working crazy hours, rushing from ballet classes to playdates, and always feeling stressed, had caused my body to bring on my baby.

And from that moment on, I promised myself things would change.


And then she rested


Over the coming days and weeks, I slowly started to change my whole life.

Whilst I knew that the outside world needed to shift (my work, for one, was over as I was now on couch-rest for the rest of my pregnancy), it was the inner shift I really needed.

I knew that I had to change. I had to slow down, look inside, and find a new way of being.

And this is what I’ve learnt:

  • I can completely shift my mood, my energy and the way I speak to my kids in just three minutes.


  • The way I speak to myself in my head changes everything. When I’m beating myself up, I yell at my kids and it all falls apart. But when I breathe, remind myself of what’s important and what an amazing job I am doing, everything gets back into flow.


  • If I don’t value myself, no-one will.


  • Success doesn’t equal happiness. (Seriously big lesson here. Having my book on the best-seller’s list taught me that one: despite it being my lifelong dream, my world didn’t change. Shock.)


  • If I don’t prioritise meditation and movement each day, I am a seriously grumpy mama.


  • And only I can change my world.


This is what I’ve now taught to over 400 women. And this is what I will share with you in just 40 days.

Focus 1: Kindness

This is where our journey starts, and is the first step in everything we do. Without self-compassion and kindness, nothing flows.

Focus 2: Strength

Learn how to connect with your strength, believe in yourself, and know that you can get through anything when you come from a place of love.

Focus 3: Trust

Trusting our intuition, our inner wisdom and the universe is key to true happiness. By finding that inner voice, and trusting it, we become truly connected.

Focus 4: Grace

Being a Happy Mama is all about grace. Grace in how we act in our daily lives, how we present ourselves to the world, and how we respect ourselves. Living with grace is our greatest gift as women.

Focus 5: Value

Let’s be honest – motherhood is not valued like it should be. But by beginning to value our role and place in the world, we transform how we feel, and how the world sees us.

Focus 6: Mindfulness

Being in the moment and aware of our own thoughts is the final step in being truly connected. With mindfulness, we are calmer as Mamas, we are more present as partners, we are more connected as women.

Want to hear more of how life-changing these 40 days can be?

Here’s just a few more stories out of the hundreds of mamas who have completed the program

Before I started Amy’s program, I was feeling a complete lack of joy in my life, I was stressed and burnt out, and really craving some time out…or at least to come back to myself. I was very hard on myself and completely ridden with guilt. Because of what I learnt in the Reconnect Program, my self-care has become a priority, I’ve started focusing on myself again, and started meditating everyday. I got exactly what I hoped for – and more!


“Before I joined the Reconnect Program with Amy, my world was falling apart. I felt like a total failure, and I was angry most of the time. I’d spent many years ‘working’ on myself, but nothing stuck. However, since the program, I find myself reacting to potential boat-rocking situations more positively. My husband noticed that I’m more relaxed, laugh and joke more and I don’t fly off the handle as often. I also loved connecting with the other Mamas going through the same experiences, and as a meditation newbie who struggles to wind down, I found the Reconnect meditations fantastic.”


Amy’s program was a joy to experience from the very first day! Her beautiful emails and the incredible kindness meditation allowed me to start each morning in a peaceful and focused place. Through the program I learnt to really invest in my self-care again. This has not only meant I feel healthier and happier, but my whole family is more connected and calmer as a result.

Through her Reconnect Program Amy creates a virtual village to support you as a mother and as a woman. Her teachings speak directly to your pain points and her words of wisdom not only enable you to reframe your thoughts but open your heart to new possibilities. If you want to be a Happy Mama this is the course for you!

Lisa Miller //

The Reconnect Program has been the most amazing experience! It has reminded me how important it is to be me…. to make time for myself, get some balance and connect back in with myself again. It is bliss to start to think clearly again about what I need and want. And really start to work on the new me! And – I am sure I am a better mama because of this.


When I joined the Reconnect Program, I wanted help with feeling happy and content with my life in general and since doing the program, life feels much happier. I am full of energy and on the road to being healthy. I now meditate, do yoga, go to the gym and use affirmations daily.

My husband keeps saying how proud he is of me. My best friend said I was inspiring her to improve her life. And my husband’s mate said he noticed I am much happier too. I am in an amazing place right now! I feel very positive and I am starting to believe my best life is just around the corner.


If you are ready to start being kinder to yourself, to stop feeling so rushed and to start appreciating this time in your life again…


We start Sunday 30th July.

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