Reconnect Program

Explore how to embrace self-care and kindness as a new Mama

Being a Mama is non-stop.

It’s the most fast-paced and demanding job you will ever have. And while you adore it, you know that you have to look after yourself if you’re going to be the best Mama you can be.

From the moment you give birth, it’s all go… and it can be months, if not years, before you catch your breath.

The truth is, you long for something for YOURSELF.

You miss your yoga classes, catch ups with girlfriends, and Saturday mornings spent doing exactly what YOU want to do. You look at those weekend retreats and online programs filled with green smoothies, hour long meditations, organic raw food and yoga by the light of the sunset and ache to do something like that. But how can you do that while raising your family? You can’t even get a haircut or finish a cup of tea!

So you keep on pushing through.

But it’s still there… that feeling that there is something more.

  • You want to connect with yourself again.

  • You want to feel a deeper connection to your wisdom as a woman, as a Mama, with your soul sisters.

  • You want to stop the negativity and guilt that you pile on yourself everyday.

  • You want to find your tribe.

Because, in your heart, you know that when you do, your whole family benefits.


So how do you start to reconnect with yourself when you’re flat out being a Mama?

How do you stay calm, connected and conscious with a newborn and a toddler?

 How do you find the time when you’re juggling part-time work with a family?


Three minutes a day, three times a day.  Less than ten minutes a day. That’s all it takes to start to reconnect to yourself.

And from there…

Your whole world will transform

Before I started amy’s program, I was feeling a complete lack of joy in my life, I was stressed and burnt out, and really craving some time out…or at least to come back to my self. I was very hard on myself and completely ridden with guilt. Because of what I learnt in the Reconnect Program, my self-care has become a priority, I’ve started focusing on myself again, and started meditating everyday. I got exactly what I hoped for – and more!


Through the Reconnect Program, in just 3 minutes a day you can:

Find a place of calm that is unshakeable even in the middle of toddler tantrums and 5 o’clock chaos

Discover who you are now you’re a Mama

Find a way to incorporate meditation and self-care into your daily life, without feeling guilty

Learn to pause through the day to connect with what’s important

Stop being so hard on yourself and feel great about who you are

Stop putting yourself on hold

And start to glow from within, with more vitality, confidence and self worth.

Before this program, I was going way too fast, feeling overwhelmed and a bit out of control! But since then, I have slowed down dramatically. I am more engaged with my children. There’s less chatter in my head. My energy has shifted. I am just so much more present.

Sarah Quinney // THE RAW FOOD MUM

Amy’s program was a joy to experience from the very first day! Her beautiful emails and the incredible kindness meditation allowed me to start each morning in a peaceful and focused place. Through the program I learnt to really invest in my self-care again. This has not only meant I feel healthier and happier, but my whole family is more connected and calmer as a result.

Through her Reconnect Program Amy creates a virtual village to support you as a mother and as a woman. Her teachings speak directly to your pain points and her words of wisdom not only enable you to reframe your thoughts but open your heart to new possibilities. If you want to be a Happy Mama this is the course for you!

Lisa Miller //

About Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Reconnect Program is run by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, international coach of the year, editor and creator of Happy Mama Magazine, best-selling author and mama of three.

“I help mothers feel connected to that strong, powerful, intuitive woman you glimpsed when you first became a Mama, but are now too tired and run off your feet to remember.

I’m here to give you permission to create a happier life, to feel good about yourself, and to be a better Mama.

Reconnect is an accumulation of all of the tools, tips and daily practices I have gathered over the past seven years.

It’s also the result of years of interviewing some of the very best self-care, wellbeing and mindfulness experts in the world: Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Belinda Davidson, Helen Jacobs, Doreen Virtue and Sarah Napthali.

Thanks to my background as a journalist and columnist, I have been blessed to be able to ask these amazing teachers what it takes to be truly happy in our everyday life, and I’ve then taken those ideas and found a way to incorporate them into my life as a busy Mama of three.

And now, I want to pass everything I have learnt on to you.

I would love to see you in Reconnect

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Saying that Amy is amazing isn’t a word that even touches the surface. She is the ‘THE MAMA WHISPERER’! Her voice is so calming, reassuring, peaceful, but at the same time powerful with her messages and honesty. When I started the Reconnect Program, I was feeling severely sleep deprived due to breastfeeding a baby over night and kids waking at separate times- living off 3-ish hours of sleep a night whilst also trying to start my own business! I felt like I was always putting everyone else first and feeling guilty when I did anything slightly for me.

Since the program I am calmer, happier, and I see myself getting worked up before I explode, therefore I can fix it. My kids are listening better because I yell and nag less. I am nicer to my husband and worry less about things that drove me to insanity before.


Your program is absolutely amazing!  I honestly can not find the words to tell you the change you have had on me, and therefore the entire family! I know now that we are the space holders in our family and I need to be happy and full for my family to be happy and full!

All of your weekly programs are eye opening until the end.  I have had huge realisations through my meditations and listening to your podcasts.  I have finally begun to see what is in my heart again, and I really feel awakened and new and ready.  Positive instead of negative even on the hard days. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing this path with your life and allowing others like me in to be helped.


Since I started the Reconnect Program I am much calmer inside – physically, emotionally and mentally. I have stopped fighting against the situation I find myself in and accept it for what it is. I have also stopped clock-watching in the evenings, and instead can enjoy my time with my little one and even cook a proper meal! I have also incorporated little self-care rituals into my every day – mindful shower, foot rub, face massage as I apply moisturiser, mindful walk in my lunch break, meditation on the train journey to or from work or before going to bed.

And the Facebook group is amazing! I always found inspiration, support and encouragement there. I felt part of a group doing this together rather than trying to struggle on my own.



Kundalini yoga teaches that it takes 40 days to really clear old patterns, establish new ones, and change your life. It’s long enough to create new habits, and not so long that it’s overwhelming for a new Mama.


Life is pretty busy right now, isn’t it? You’d love to do more things for yourself, but there’s not really any time. Right? And the whole idea of meditation sounds amazing, but when are you ever going to get a chance to sit on a meditation pillow and connect with your breathe for half an hour?

While longer meditations are very powerful and a key part of mindfulness, when we’re starting out on this journey of reconnecting to ourselves again while raising our babies, we have to start small. Three minutes a day, three times a day, is where we start. By taking the time to connect with your breathe, listen to a simple guided meditation from me, and becoming mindful again, you will begin to change how you deal with the emotional ups and downs of life. You will begin to change your neural pathways.

You will begin to change your energy.

Instead of checking Facebook, you will learn to check in with yourself.

My anxiety has settled down! Since starting the Reconnect Program, have an appreciation that many mums have exactly the same issues and needs as me. I am kind to myself, and I have a wonderfully packaged coping system tucked away for the next rainy day. Good routines are now incorporated into my life, and daily rituals such as meditation and a daily mantra card. And although I didn’t share my personal story in the FB group, I benefited from seeing others suffering in a very similar way to myself, which was a great comfort. We are all in this together, and we eventually get through these tough spots. Thank you so much.


“Before I joined the Reconnect Program with Amy, my world was falling apart. I felt like a total failure, and I was angry most of the time. I’d spent many years ‘working’ on myself, but nothing stuck. However, since the program, I find myself reacting to potential boat-rocking situations more positively. My husband noticed that I’m more relaxed, laugh and joke more and I don’t fly off the handle as often. I also loved connecting with the other Mamas going through the same experiences, and as a meditation newbie who struggles to wind down, I found the Reconnect meditations fantastic.”



This program is all about beautiful support and guidance, without overwhelming you with massive to-do lists and activities. It’s gentle but transformational. It’s do-able while being inspiring. And it’s all about you connecting with YOURSELF.

During the forty days, you will receive:

Mindfulness meditation

A 3-minute mindfulness meditation that you listen to three times a day. This shows you how easily you can stop, take a moment to connect with your strength again, and come back to a place of calm and confidence.

Weekly emails

Six weekly emails with the focus of the week, plus video guidance and worksheets to help you journal and explore the ideas more deeply.

Practical tips

Actual practical tips and ideas on how to connect even more deeply with the theme of the week, such as affirmations, yoga practices, how to cope with tantrums and meltdowns, what to do when it just doesn’t work.

Daily support

Daily personal support from me and the other Reconnect Mamas in the most loving and supportive environment you will ever come across: our closed and private Facebook group. This is always a big part of this program – the support of your soul sisters.

Weekly live Q&A

Once a week, there will be a live Q&A session in the Facebook group with me, so I can answer any questions you may have along the way. This is one of the best parts of this program – weekly live coaching, reflection, and connection.

All of this, plus:

  • Two longer, 15 minute meditations to deepen your meditation practice
  • A pack of Happy Mama Affirmation Cards valued at $29
  • 6 bonus 30 minute podcasts with leading experts on motherhood

Bonus interviews with world-renowned leaders on motherhood

When you join Reconnect, you’ll also get exclusive access to six 30 minute podcasts with some of the leading teachers and my greatest mentors:

Sarah Napthali

Sarah Napthali

Best-Selling Author of the ‘Buddhism for Mothers’ series, on self-compassion, mindfulness and how to start being kinder to yourself. Sarah is one of the pioneers of mindfulness and parenting. Her books have changed thousands and thousands of women’s approach to motherhood around the world, including mine. To have her as part of this program, and to have her blessing for what I am doing, is a dream come true. Her words will soothe your soul and inspire you greatly.

Helen Jacobs

Helen Jacobs

Intuitive Psychic and Creator of ‘The Little Sage’, on how to tap into your intuition as a mother and trust your own wisdom. Helen guides thousands of women around the world in connecting with their inner wisdom and intuition. As a mother herself, she knows the challenges of not loosing yourself in the day-to-day chaos of parenthood, and shares with us how we can all stay connected to our inner sage.

Patty Kikos

Patty Kikos

My personal Kundalini yoga teacher and Kineseologist, on how to get out of our heads and into our hearts as women. Combining her wealth of knowledge in kundalini, chakras, energy healing and counselling, Patty gently guides us in practical ways to stop judging ourselves so harshly, and work from our heart. You will fall in love with this woman as much as I have.

Dijanna M

Dijanna Mulhearn

Best-selling author of “Wardrobe 101 for Mothers” on feeling good about the way you look as a new Mama. This may seem like an unusual addition to a very spiritual program, but feeling proud of who we are at this time of our life is an important part of showing up with grace and confidence. And having worked with everyone from Prada, to Target, and ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ and ‘Grazia’, Dijanna knows all about styling Mamas to feel amazing. As she so beautifully puts in her book, “you are doing the most important job in the world and deserve to look and feel wonderful about yourself.”

Therese Kerr

Therese Kerr

Mum to Miranda and Matthew Kerr, author, public speaker and wellness advocate. Therese brings a beautiful and inspiring insight into the importance of being a healthy Mama – and valuing your role in your family’s overall health and wellbeing. Embracing our roles as the carer and number one role model for our children is so important, and Therese does that with such kindness and inspiration, she’ll make you feel like the most important person in the world.

Belinda Davidson

Belinda Davidson

Energy healer, medical intuitive, and creator of the life-changing course ‘School of the Modern Mystic’. This woman has changed my life. Her teachings on mindfulness, energy, and manifestation will blow your mind, and change the way you live your life. As a Mama herself, Belinda has also experienced the reality of raising a little one while staying committed to a daily practice, and guides us in her unique way in how to change our energy and change our life.

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The Reconnect Program gave me so much relief! It gave me the tools to be happier in my everyday life, and better ways of coping with stress and overwhelm. With 2 children and sleepless nights I was really stressed… But I’ve now learnt to see the small happy things around me. My husband thinks I’m calmer. A friend told me that I ‘look lighter in the face’. And I definitely feel like some emotional weight and worry has been lifted.


I was hoping to gain motivation to look after myself more and feel happier as a mother, And to not rely on anyone else for my happiness. I gained this and so much more! The values of the program resonated with me on a very deep level. It’s changed the way I live in fact. My understanding of self care and spirituality will be forever in my journey as a mother and as a woman.

Now when I see I’m unhappy or dissatisfied with my life it’s because I’m not looking after myself nor checking into my spirituality. It’s usually due to the fact that I’m not prioritizing self compassion and my self care has slipped. I then re align myself and focus on this as my priority and that’s when the shift happens. And the Facebook Group was amazing. I cried a lot with tears of happiness many a time when I shared my experiences and was supported ……or another mother was supported by the other women. It felt so special, and such a relief to share problems or an awareness and to feel normal, validated and connected by the group. This experience of love and connection from Amy and the other mothers will stay with me forever.


tick   This program is for you if:

  • you are ready to start facing the blocks and fears in your life that is keeping you stuck, overwhelmed and over it.
  • you are open to ideas of meditation, mindfulness and connection to your inner self.
  • you are willing to try new things, put aside a couple of minutes a day, and give this your best shot.
  • you are wanting to connect more with your children, your partner, and ultimately, yourself.
  • you are wanting a connection with like-minded Mamas, who will support you, cheer you on, and back you on your journey
  • you are ready to be happy again

cross  This program is NOT for you if:

  • you need a high level of personal support to overcome post-natal depression or other mental health challenges. While this program has had a lot of success in supporting Mamas with PND, it is important that you realise this is not a fix all, and should only be one part of your healing journey.
  • you are highly sensitive and unable to share, support and empathise with women who are experiencing the highs and lows of mamahood.
  • you have a high expectation of personal coaching and support outside of the group FB setting. If you feel you need lots of support, love and attention, please consider Level 2 of the program or one-on-one coaching.

The Reconnect Program has been the most amazing experience! It has reminded me how important it is to be me…. to make time for myself, get some balance and connect back in with myself again. It is bliss to start to think clearly again about what I need and want. And really start to work on the new me! And – I am sure I am a better mama because of this.


Since the Reconnect Program, I am less judgmental of myself and others. I don’t breakdown and cry like I used to, or get as frustrated and angry over small things. I love that lighting a candle puts a smile on my face and how meditation has calmed me. I take peace in knowing that my thoughts aren’t real and that only love is real.


I know you worry you won’t have time for it. I know you feel like there’s barely enough time to clean the floor, let alone sign up for an online program.

But I promise you… this is made JUST FOR YOU. This is designed by a Mama who juggles three children, a household, and her own business everyday. This is my daily practice. This is what I know works.

YOU start with three minutes a day, three times a day.

YOU start with being kind to ourselves.

YOU start with support and inspiration.

Are you ready to start reconnecting to that beautiful, strong and wise woman that’s inside again?

Are you ready to be the calm, happy mama you long to be, no matter what’s happening around you?

Are you ready to feel like YOURSELF again?

It's your time

When I joined the Reconnect Program, I wanted help with feeling happy and content with my life in general and since doing the program, life feels much happier. I am full of energy and on the road to being healthy. I now meditate, do yoga, go to the gym and use affirmations daily.

My husband keeps saying how proud he is of me. My best friend said I was inspiring her to improve her life. And my husband’s mate said he noticed I am much happier too. I am in an amazing place right now! I feel very positive and I am starting to believe my best life is just around the corner.


I signed up for the program because I wanted time for me. I had two kids, the youngest was turning one, and I had just started back at work 5 months earlier. I wasn’t looking after me and I felt depleted of everything. I wanted to feel more balance, have more time for my marriage, to be a better mother, and to break away from parenting like my parents. And now I am on my way to really achieving these goals!


The six focuses of Reconnecting

Over the past seven years of motherhood, interviewing the best in the world, and training as an Internationally Accredited Life Coach, I have come to realise that there are six key areas to becoming a Happy Mama.

Six areas of your life that you need to lovingly embrace and strengthen to be truly happy with who you are, and where you are right now. These six areas make up the six focuses of our 40 days together.

Focus 1: Kindness

This is where our journey starts, and is the first step in everything we do. Without self-compassion and kindness, nothing flows.

Focus 2: Strength

Learn how to connect with your strength, believe in yourself, and know that you can get through anything when you come from a place of love.

Focus 3: Trust

Trusting our intuition, our inner wisdom and the universe is key to true happiness. By finding that inner voice, and trusting it, we become truly connected.

Focus 4: Grace

Being a Happy Mama is all about grace. Grace in how we act in our daily lives, how we present ourselves to the world, and how we respect ourselves. Living with grace is our greatest gift as women.

Focus 5: Value

Let’s be honest – motherhood is not valued like it should be. But by beginning to value our role and place in the world, we transform how we feel, and how the world sees us.

Focus 6: Mindfulness

Being in the moment and aware of our own thoughts is the final step in being truly connected. With mindfulness, we are calmer as Mamas, we are more present as partners, we are more connected as women.


Here’s a reminder of what you’ll receive:

Forty days of meditation, mindfulness, support and inspiration

Two longer meditations

Membership of our private Facebook group

Six amazing podcasts with my greatest teachers and mentors

A pack of Happy Mama Affirmation cards, worth $29



I joined the Reconnect Program because I wanted to begin a regular practice of meditation after a long break from it but I didn’t know where to start and how to integrate it into my life as a mother. What I received was more than I could have imagined. The support from Amy and the other mothers is invaluable and it gave me space to reflect on my journey of motherhood and build my strength up. And, I have rekindled my love for meditation. Amy’s warm spirit and kind soul is just what ever mother needs.

Rach Wheatley // Project Breathe

As a new mum, struggling with keeping it together and managing meltdowns, the Reconnect Program has helped me regain a sense of self. I loved connecting and belonging to a group of other mamas who get me! Since the program I am much more aware of my needs and have started making plans for a career, beyond the family home. Amy’s videos were perfect and I cannot believe how much she pulled at my heartstrings, and how I was able to share my own private thoughts. The Facebook page was like my little ‘home’ as whenever I was down or anything at all, I could turn to the love. Share. Feel. Express. The group felt like we were all one with each other.


 Are you ready to really start to reconnect with yourself?

I promise you – it won’t be a lot of work. But the simple actions you take during these forty days will begin a lifetime of transformation and bliss.